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  • Artist Impression
  • Artist Impression

Recalling the symbol of the white picket fence, Lakehouse’s exterior is a modern interpretation of that most wholesome and traditional refuge.”

Jackson Clements Burrows, Architect

Sitting as a beacon of comfort in South Melbourne, the architecture of Lakehouse expresses a profound sensitivity to context by using colours and forms that reflect the softness and grace of lakeside living. As a sanctuary for more than just the body, Lakehouse’s exterior plays on the traditional symbol of the white picket fence. The white vertical structures that frame the building are reminiscent of that most traditional, wholesome refuge — articulated in modern style — making Lakehouse a home for the body as much as for the soul.

Inspired by the beauty of South Melbourne.

Your first breakfast on the balcony signals the beginning of a lifelong love affair. With uninterrupted views stretching across to the bright lights of Melbourne CBD, your private balcony is the perfect place to appreciate the ever-changing palette of the neon horizon.

Artist impression of Exterior

  • Artist Impression
  • Artist Impression

Your urban sanctuary by the shore.

Lakehouse interiors are inspired by the natural beauty of South Melbourne. While soft tones and ambient lighting speak volumes of earthiness and simplicity, clean lines, layered textures and ultra-modern fittings undercut the tranquility of these apartments with a sophisticated edge, achieving a sustained and timeless appeal.

Lakehouse’s interiors have been crafted on the notion that sophisticated neutrality makes the best starting point for individual expression. Fitted with a swathe of classically luxurious features — floor-to-ceiling windows, natural timber flooring and soft ambient hues — your Lakehouse apartment exudes the kind of timelessness that complements any lifestyle.